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This web page was developed on a PC with 'Windows XP' (programmed with Adobe/Macromedia-Dreamweaver 8) and adjusted to 'Windows 7' (with Dreamweaver MX). The pages are displayed concordantly in the Internet Explorer Version 8 and younger, in Firefox and chrome however they deviate to some extend from the original. I didn’t test opening the page with other Browsers. The legibility of the texts can be altered by each reader. Modern computer and browsers now display multiple possibilities regarding that matter.
I, personally, use a 17" Sony-Vaio-Laptop with a solution of 1980x1020 and a custom readability of screen texts of 140% and a Zoom adjustment of the browser’s surface of 125 to 138%. Corresponding possibilities offer also the browser's Menu Bar in ['View'>'Zoom'>'X %' or manual %-input of custom] as the keyboard with the shortcut ['Ctrl + / respectively Ctrl -'].
I use the Sign-Code 'Westeuropäisch ISO', please test by 'try and error' what Code shows the best results.

'Click' characteristics / sections (above) and chapters (left)
White writing (underlined): Inactive sections and chapters > to activate by mouse-click
Red writing (underlined): By mouse-click activated sections and chapters.
Grey writing (not underlined): In progress, currently not available.

For any further support please don’t hesitate to contact me via email, I am happy to help...



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